Exceptional Patient Feedback Shines a Spotlight

Southern Cross Central Lakes Hospital, located in Queenstown, New Zealand, has quickly gained recognition for its remarkable healthcare services since its doors opened in January 2022. In just its first year of operation, this state-of-the-art private hospital has successfully served over 2000 patients, making a significant impact on the region's healthcare landscape.

The hospital's core vision is to provide greater access to quality elective surgery for patients in the Central Lakes region, encompassing both private and public patients. What sets this facility apart is its unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction and well-being, not only during the surgical process but also post-operatively.

Two weeks after undergoing elective surgery at Southern Cross Central Lakes Hospital, patients receive a feedback survey. The feedback received is nothing short of inspiring. Patients have expressed their gratitude, describing their experiences as feeling "at ease," "heart-warmed," and "cared for by great staff." Many have even gone so far as to liken the hospital's ambiance to that of a "quality hotel stay." Such glowing testimonials are a testament to the exceptional level of care and comfort patients experience during their stay.

One patient shared their thoughts, saying, "All the staff were awesome, the nurses were personable and had great empathy. I can't believe how important and calming they made me feel." Another patient was equally impressed, stating, "Thank you to the team at Southern Cross Central Lakes for your incredible kindness, professionalism, and overall world-class care, right from prior to admission through to discharge. I experienced a level of care far beyond my expectations."

However, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the feedback is the profound sense of genuine care that patients feel at Southern Cross Central Lakes Hospital. As one patient eloquently put it, "The genuine care shown for me as a patient showed that the staff were invested in me as a person, not just another body through the door." The exceptional hospitality, friendliness, and kindness demonstrated by the hospital's staff have left a lasting impression on patients and their families.

With a commitment to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare, Southern Cross Central Lakes Hospital is on the right track to transform lives and raise the bar in the local healthcare sector.